CVEG 4303: Reinforced Concrete Design I

Design of reinforced concrete elements with emphasis on ultimate strength design supplemented by working stress design for deflection and crack analysis.

Semesters taught: Spring 2018, Spring 2019

Photos of concrete beam project 2018!

Photos of concrete beam project 2019!

CVEG 5353: Prestressed Concrete Design

Analysis and design of prestressed concrete beams. Topics include flexural analysis, prestress bond, draping and debonding, allowable stresses, shear analysis and design, camber prediction, and prestress losses.

Semesters taught: Fall 2017

Photos of Fall 2017 trip to Coreslab Structures in Tulsa, OK!

CVEG 5363: Advanced Topics in Reinforced Concrete

Analysis and design of reinforced concrete members. Topics include slender columns, one-way and two-way slab design, strut and tie design, and torsion.

Semesters taught: Fall 2018